BY CAR IF YOU REACH LERICI BY CAR - LIMITED TRAFFIC AREA. The transit it is subject to limited traffic in some periods. Anyhow, when the ZTL is active, we are aware of it and we provide it automatically to provide you with permission for one or more cars. The pass is free. Just tell us the license plate when you check in at your arrival (not before - it is not necessary). You can enter therefore with the red light, our structure has 48 hours from when you entered the LTZ to send ermission to the police Local. Come in and leave us the only plate number that is correct.

IF YOU REACH LERICI BY CAR - REACH THE APARTMENT FOR DOWNLOAD BAGGAGES. If you arrive by car, take as reference the church of San Rocco in Largo Marconi, 20 meters from the apartment. If you find temporary parking in the area, you can stop the time necessary to unload the luggage.

PRIVATE CAR PARKING. The car parks are located in Lerici Via Matteotti 33.It is possible to meet at this parking lot and continue walking towards the apartment 400 meters away.

PUBLIC CAR PARKING. If you want to use the public parking is located in the locality "Venere Azzurra" or "La vallata", are adjacent, and about 900 meters from the center of Lerici, where it is find the apartment.


BY TRAIN OR BY FERRY IF YOU REACH LERICI BY TRAIN. The nearest station is Sarzana (6 km) and La Spezia (12 km). In front of the Railway Station you will find the bus to Lerici. More information Line S from Sarzana to Lerici or Line L from La Spezia to Lerici. In front of you also find the TAXI.

REACHING LERICI BY FERRY. The apartments are 50 meters from the ferry station connected to La Spezia, Porto Venere, Cinque Terre. More information

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