About us

I was born in Lerici but I live a few years in a nearby town, Sarzana, also for business reasons. My little and fabulous country remains in my heart, I often spend the weekends there, feeling a bit like a holiday. Sarzana, a town very close geographically, is in fact a medieval place rich in history but very different from the typical Ligurian seaside village and just as fascinating. After high school in Sarzana, I continued my studies first in Milan and then in Pisa. I graduated from the Faculty of Science in 1998 with an experimental thesis on marine ecology. I then continued my professional activity with a company that deals with the environment and cultural heritage. This human and professional experience has provided me with the tools to learn how to run an activity over the years. My parents are "foresti", as they say in Liguria or emigrated to Lerici. It was the 50s of the last century. They met in the same street where the apartments are located, the legendary Via Cavour, in fact they had two adjacent commercial activities. From my mother, Emilia, I took the desire to do, typical of that land. From my father, of Piedmontese Ligurian blood, I took the sense of order and duty. But my family has Florentine and Tuscan origins. In short, a fine mix of Italian blood flows through my veins. The apartments I have renovated over the years have been in family ownership for over 30 years. I lived there and I renovated them thinking of my house, so they are refined but delicate, from the crystal floor to the furniture. So I try to select my clientele who luckily has always been careful to stay there.


FAQ - Frequently asked questions from our guests

Is it possible to access the apartment in advance of the agreed time ? Early check in is only possible if the apartment is free from the morning. Normally the guest prior to your arrival leaves at 12, so we need to clean and fix the house to welcome you in the best way. This means that you can enter from 4 pm, unless otherwise indicated. However you can ask the reception service if there is space and way to leave any suitcases and cars in advance. Access to the apartment remains mandatory from 16.00, except for what was said at the beginning that is already free from the morning.

Can I leave the apartment after the agreed time? Unfortunately it is not possible to leave after the agreed time, normally 12 o'clock, because the cleaning service starts a few minutes later and the house must be free.

I can enter the ZTL with the red traffic light or with the word "ZTL barrier active" even if not I have communicated the license plate and therefore I don't have the pass yet? You can enter without incurring any penalty. Our facility then has 48 hours from your entry into the ZTL to send the permit to the local police. It is essential to communicate the correct license plate when checking in, when we provide you with the card before entering the apartment.

Can I bring pets with me? They are welcome, in fact we are sure that our guests will know how to keep their beloved friends in the best way. However, we must ask for a supplement for more house cleaning.

Where can I park my car? If you arrive by car, take the church of San Rocco in Largo Marconi as reference, 20 meters from the apartment. There you can leave your car 5 minutes but only to unload your luggage.

Can I put the car in a public parking lot ? The public car park is located in "Venere Azzurra" and "La Vallata" - They are adjacent. More info and updates also on the website of the Municipality of Lerici. The public parking is 900 meters from the center (apartment). Updated info on limited traffic and public park below http://www.comune.lerici.sp.it.

Can I park my car in a private parking lot? The private parking is located a few meters from the apartment, has an additional cost, has limited availability so you book in advance.

Can I bring my sheets and towels? Our staff has already prepared the beds and bathrooms in advance with sanitized linen. So there is no need to worry about sheets and towels Does the kitchen have complete equipment? Of course yes, all you need to cook and eat meals as if you were at home.

Can I walk to a beach with sand? A comfortable and beautiful promenade along the promenade and reach the Lido di Lerici beach 300 meters from home. But not only that, one after the other you will find Venere Azzurra, Colombo and San Terenzo. The only gulf beaches suitable for everyone